Motivation at work or how to change your mindset?

8 March 2024

Hello there, Kajo here from KajoData! In today’s blog post, I want to share with you some insights on how to change your mindset and find motivation at work, especially for those of us facing the challenges of the IT industry. Working in IT isn’t just about the hardware we use or the software we rely on. The key role is played by our minds and how we shape them. Here’s what I’ve discovered on my journey.

The Real Workplace? Your Mind

When thinking about working in IT, we often focus on external aspects – whether we work from home or an office, how many monitors we have on our desk, or even which version of our favorite IDE we’ve installed. However, as it turns out, our head is the real workplace. It’s not the speed of typing on a keyboard or the agility of using a mouse that determines our efficiency, but how we deal with fatigue, boredom, difficult problems, or a lack of creativity.

An Inspiring Environment

One of the key elements, in my opinion, that has a massive impact on our motivation and mindset is the environment and the people we surround ourselves with. Research shows that changing habits is much easier when we are among people who set different, positive standards. Humans are herd animals, social beings, and although many of us consider ourselves to be individualists, subconsciously, we strive to conform to the group. Therefore, if you surround yourself with people who constantly complain, claiming “everything is pointless,” you might unknowingly adopt this negative mindset. Instead, look for the company of those who motivate you to act and show that every problem has a solution.

Regular Motivation – The Key to Success

Motivation at work is like hygiene – it requires regular “refreshing.” It’s not enough to set an ambitious goal and expect that motivation will be ours unchangeably. We need to remind ourselves regularly why we are pursuing certain goals and what motivates us. Whether it’s the desire to achieve something or the fear of failure, it’s crucial that these reasons are always present for us.

Attitude Towards Problems

The last but not less important element is our attitude towards problems. Instead of seeing them as obstacles, it’s beneficial to view them as part of the growth and learning process. Visualizing potential difficulties and preparing for them in advance can significantly make overcoming them easier. It’s not an optimistic uphill run; it’s a march through unknown, challenging terrains requiring both flexibility and determination from us.


Changing your mindset and finding motivation at work, especially in the fast-evolving world of IT, requires more than just changing our external work conditions. It’s crucial to focus on our inner world: the environment that inspires, maintaining motivation regularly, and a positive approach to problems. Remember, you are the captain of your ship, and your mind is the most powerful tool you possess. Use it wisely.

That’s all on this topic. Analyze in peace!

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