About me

My name is Kajo Rudziński. I’m from Poland.

I am an analyst specializing in business intelligence and data visualization. Or in other words: I am a humanities graduate who has done some work in customer service and currently loves Excel, enjoys writing complex SQL commands, adores sketching in Tableau, and playing with Python.

I’ve been doing this for quite some time and I really enjoy it.

Let me briefly tell you how it all came about.

2016: Customer Service

I am 27 years old, finishing my studies at the Faculty of Polish Studies at the Jagiellonian University and, to be honest, I do not know what to do with myself.

Like many people in my situation, on one hand, I look askance at corporations, on the other hand, I long for regular working hours and angels from LuxMed. I manage to get a job in customer service. I handle phones, emails, input various things into different systems. Kajo Rudziński is simply one of many.

I supposedly do not complain about what I do, but I hate the way I work. Why? Everything, as it is in customer service, is calculated: how many calls to make, how many emails to send, how much time to pee, how many minutes to drink coffee. The results are secondary, what’s important is that I go steady with the schedule like Japanese trains. Depending on how I am doing, I glow in the results in red, yellow, or green. And I’m almost never glow in green.

2017-2018: How to become an analyst?

I noticed that one guy at our place works differently than others. He’s not on the scoreboard, and he’s not a manager. No one checks how much time he spends on coffee, yet everyone respects him. I find out that he’s an analyst. I envy him.

In my free time, I start learning Excel, I take my first online courses. At work, I help my boss with summaries, reports, tables, comparisons. I notice that, although on a modest scale, I can already be an analyst in my current job.

2018-2019: The pleasure of analyst's work

After several attempts, I get a job as an analyst at Lufthansa. The change in the way and quality of work is bigger than I assumed. Not only am I doing what I like, but I also work completely differently. Generally, no one controls my day, what I’m doing at a given hour. I’m responsible for quality and results, not for going like a vacuuming robot – on designated paths, at designated times.

I don’t slow down with learning, quite the opposite. On my own, as quickly as possible, I master SQL, which I use every day at work. My employer sends me to a conference in Berlin, I get to know KNIME. It’s really good!

2019-2020: I love my job. I train others.

As a professional analyst, I moved to Zooplus, where I work to this day, currently as a Analytics Architecture Expert.

I love my job, I adore what I do. Monday is my favorite day of the week. My salary has significantly increased. My greatest passion has become data visualization in Tableau. Besides that – I code, mainly SQL at work, Python after hours. I get to know such tools as SAP BW, HANA, Athena, Bitbucket, Git.

I train others in Tableau, helping them draw the right conclusions from well-prepared data. Kajo Rudziński is no longer just another customer service agent.

From an average humanities student, I have become a pretty good analyst.

2021: KajoData. Let me help you become an analyst.

Alongside working at Zooplus, I decided to create my own project: KajoData.

While trying to work in IT, to be an analyst, I went through countless courses and tutorials. I searched through dozens of pages. I concluded that although knowledge is available, not everyone knows how to structure it. Which path to follow. Yet, in my opinion, anyone can become an analyst. Why? Because you already are one – in your personal life you make decisions and analyze data, just at an intuitive level.

I want to help you become a professional. One who earns. One who doesn’t have to constantly jump across various pages desperately looking for fragments of SQL to copy. I want to offer knowledge and skills that an analyst must have. In one place, from the basics, data analytics for everyone.