IT job market in Poland or is it still worth it to work in the tech industry

17 April 2024

EN IT job market in Poland or is it still worth it to work in the tech industry

Today, I would like to talk about the current state of the IT job market in Poland. Are you considering a career switch to IT? I hope that after reading this article, you will have a clearer picture.

Market Overview

First, it’s important to understand that the IT market is not a monolith. Depending on which sources of information you choose, you might hear that IT professionals make a fortune, especially in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), or conversely, that their earnings are comparable to those in less specialized professions. I have looked into this phenomenon based on the salary report from No Fluff Jobs—and importantly, my commentary is completely independent.

Salary Realities

As the report shows, salaries in IT are steadily increasing, but it’s important to keep in mind inflation, which can distort the real value of these earnings. It’s also worth paying attention to the dynamics of job advertisements. You can observe seasonality in the number of posted offers, which is related to corporate budgets and their financial cycles. Summer is usually a quieter period, while most offers appear at the beginning of the year and in its last quarter. Therefore, if you plan to jump into IT, considering the timing of your decision is advisable.

Switching to IT

Switching to IT seems to be a tempting option, especially considering the stability and growth prospects in this industry. I myself took this path before 2019 and although it wasn’t easy, I can say it was worth it. Of course, not every story is the same, and success in IT requires determination and continuous learning, but the opportunities for development are immense.

IT Tools – Essential for a Data Analyst

I also want to mention the tools that are used daily in IT, especially in data analysis. SQL, Python, and increasingly AI, are skills that are definitely worth developing. From my own experience, I can say that investing in learning these technologies definitely pays off.


In summary, the IT job market in Poland offers many opportunities for those who are ready to learn and adapt. Switching to IT can be a great strategic move if you are ready for hard work and continuous improvement of your skills.

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