Career Change: Why I Can’t Find a Job and How to Fix It

16 March 2024

Why I can't find a job or the strategy for getting into IT

Hi there, I’m Kajo! I run the KajoData channel, aimed at those dreaming of a career in IT as data analysts. Today, I want to share my thoughts on a common question: “Why can’t I find a job?” and present an effective strategy for getting into IT.

The Challenge of Finding a Job in IT

Entering the IT world, especially without direct experience, can seem like an impossible task. Many people looking to switch to IT, particularly to a data analyst role, face a wall of requirements they seem unable to meet. Does this mean the dream of working in IT is unachievable? Absolutely not!

The Issue With the Dream Role

The main problem I encounter is the pursuit of the dream role without the proper groundwork. Imagine having worked as a waiter, and now you want to become a data analyst. There’s a huge gap in experience and skills between these two career points. Is creating a CV and enrolling in courses enough?

The Strategy for Getting Into IT

1. Seeking a Side Role

The key strategy I want to share is finding a side role closer to our desired job but not requiring such advanced skills. It could be a job in administration, customer service, or even HR. This step will allow you to gain valuable experience in the corporate IT world and make the future transition to the desired position easier.

2. Benefits of Working in a Corporation

Working in a corporation may seem daunting to some, but it offers stability, learning opportunities, and growth. It provides a chance to learn about corporate processes, tools, and teamwork – all of which bring us closer to the role of a data analyst.

Why Is This So Important?

Transitioning from an unrelated job to a role in IT requires time, patience, and strategy. Changing industries is not a sprint but a marathon. We must be prepared for intermediate stages that bring us closer to our goal.


If you’re asking yourself, “Why can’t I find a job?”, the answer may lie in your approach strategy. Getting into IT requires planning, openness to side roles, and readiness to take advantage of the opportunities a larger organization offers. Remember, everyone has the chance to change their career path; it’s all about the right approach.

Dreams of working in IT, especially as a data analyst, do not have to be out of reach. It all starts with the first step and the courage to change your professional life. I’m rooting for you and invite further discussion in the comments on my KajoData channel. Together, we can achieve more!

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