AI in everyday life or should you be afraid of chat GPT?

8 March 2024

AI in everyday life or should you be afraid of chat GPT?

Hello! My name is Kajo Rudziński, and I am a data analyst by profession and an explorer of the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence by passion. Today, I would like to share with you my thoughts on the impact of AI on my life and work. The conversation about AI often focuses on concerns about automation and the future of IT jobs. But should you really be afraid of chat GPT? Or is it a tool that can significantly improve the quality of our everyday life?

AI in My Career: From Data Analyst to Data Architect

My journey with AI began a few years ago when I first encountered ChatGPT. It not only transformed the way I perform my tasks but also how I view the possibilities that the future holds. Working in IT, especially as a data analyst, requires not just technical skills but also a creative approach to problems and data. AI, particularly tools like ChatGPT, opened up new horizons for me, enabling automation of tedious tasks and allowing me to focus on more strategic aspects of my work.

Four Ways AI Changed My Life

1. Copying and Processing Information

One of the biggest challenges in my work was processing and copying data in the right format. ChatGPT allowed me to generate such data instantly, saving me hours of work that I could devote to more complex tasks.

2. Error Correction: Not Just Typos

Anyone who has ever written text knows how easy it is to make a mistake. ChatGPT has become my personal editor, not only correcting typos but also helping with the structure and clarity of my statements. This applies not only to writing blogs but also to creating documentation or reports.

3. Automation: Not Just For Programmers

Automation may sound like something complicated and available only to programmers. However, with AI, even those without technical knowledge can create complex processes using simple queries. This opened possibilities for me that I had not even dreamed of before.

4. Delegating Tasks

AI also allowed me to delegate certain tasks, which previously seemed impossible without the involvement of technically skilled people. Thanks to simple prompts, I can now collaborate with people from various fields, not worrying about technological barriers.

Should You Be Afraid of Chat GPT?

Let’s return to the question we asked at the beginning: should you be afraid of chat GPT? My answer is no. AI is a tool that, when used wisely, can significantly improve our productivity, creativity, and quality of life. Of course, like any technology, it requires responsible use and continuous reflection on the ethical aspects of its deployment.

I encourage you to explore the possibilities offered by AI. Whether you are IT professionals or simply enthusiasts of new technologies, artificial intelligence has the potential to change your life – just as it has changed mine.

That’s all on this topic. Analyze in peace!

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