ChatGPT in IT: Can Artificial Intelligence Hinder Your Career?

28 December 2023

Is using ChatGPT in IT always a good thing? Learning programming with AI

Is using ChatGPT in IT always a good thing? Can learning programming with AI hinder your career?

As an enthusiast and educator in the IT world, I often ponder the impact of the latest technologies on our learning and career. Recently, I became deeply intrigued by how using tools like ChatGPT can affect those who are taking their first steps in IT, especially those learning SQL and Python. Is artificial intelligence only helpful, or can it also pose certain risks?

The Golden Mean in Programming Learning

When we learn programming, AI-based tools like ChatGPT can seem like a real treasure. They can quickly solve problems that might be challenging for beginners. However, let’s think about it – does this really shorten the path to becoming a skilled data analyst or programmer?

Data Security: A Priority in Corporations

One of the main aspects I’ve focused on is data security in large corporations. While ChatGPT might be our reliable assistant in the comfort of our homes, in a corporate environment, things are different. Companies, especially larger ones, have strict data security procedures. Therefore, using AI tools requires extra caution and often happens ‘under the radar’ of the organization.

Understanding, Not Just Copying

Another important point is how ChatGPT affects our learning process. When we rely too heavily on external tools, our brain might decide that there is no need to learn and understand the material. This approach can be detrimental during technical tests in the recruitment process, where independent thinking and deep understanding of the problem are crucial.

How to Use AI While Maintaining Common Sense

In my opinion, the key to effective learning is finding a balance between using AI and solving problems on our own. I recommend a 70% personal work to 30% AI assistance ratio. This will allow for the development of analytical and programming skills while benefiting from the assistance offered by modern technologies.

Conclusion: Balance is Key

In summary, ChatGPT and other AI tools can be amazing assistants on our IT development journey. However, it is important not to lose sight of the main goal – learning and understanding. AI can help, but it cannot replace full engagement and independent thinking.

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