How to Rediscover Lost Motivation? Insights from a Data Analyst

21 December 2023

lost motivation loss

Hello everyone, Kajo here! As a data analyst and creator of KajoData, I often get asked: “How to rediscover lost motivation?”. Have you ever felt like you just can’t be bothered? Well, you’re not alone. Actually, motivation loss is quite normal. Here are my insights to help you understand and regain motivation.

Motivation – Why Does It Often Slip Away?

Let’s start by asking why we lose motivation so easily. Whether we have a list of achievements or are just starting out, a lack of motivation is something we all face. In my role as a data analyst, I see how crucial motivation is in achieving both professional and personal goals. Without it, it’s tough to make any change in our lives.

Three Key Reasons for the Decline in Motivation

1. Your Brain Doesn’t Trust Your Plan

The first motivation issue I’ve noticed stems from our brain often not believing in our plans. For example, when we decide to change our job to become a data scientist, creating an ambitious plan to learn SQL or Python, our subconscious mind might sabotage these efforts, deeming them unrealistic.

2. Your Brain Doesn’t Like Your Plan

Another reason lies in the fact that our brains prefer easy and enjoyable activities. When our learning plan requires early rising and sacrificing enjoyable time, motivation quickly dwindles. In such cases, it’s essential to find ways to incorporate fun or rewards into our actions.

3. No Plan for Motivation

The last reason is the absence of a consistent motivational plan. We assume that the goal itself will motivate us daily, but unfortunately, that’s not enough. We need to regularly renew our motivation, just as we take a shower daily to feel fresh.

How to Rediscover Lost Motivation?

Now that we understand the causes, let’s look at the solutions. Here are my ways to rediscover lost motivation:

  1. Scale Down and Execute Small Steps: Instead of ambitious plans, start with small, achievable steps. This increases your sense of accomplishment and trust in the plan.
  2. Combine Learning with Pleasure: Find a way to make learning also a form of entertainment. It could be learning in a group, with gamification, or combining study with something you already enjoy.
  3. Regularly Renew Motivation: Find sources of inspiration that you will visit regularly. It could be a podcast, book, support group, or anything that helps remind you of your goal.

Remember, everyone has their own way of finding and maintaining motivation. The key is to understand what works for you and tailor your strategy to your individual needs. Motivation loss is not the end – it’s just the beginning 😉

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