Python in Excel – a revolution from Microsoft and Anaconda

28 August 2023

python in excel

Python in Excel? Really? 😱Is this the beginning of the end for the Excel we know? Last week, Microsoft made a groundbreaking announcement that has left many of us stunned. From now on, you’ll be able to use Python natively in Excel. Yes, you heard it right—Python, the programming language for data science, will run in your standard Excel cells.

Python in Excel – benefits

Excel is Still on Top

Firstly, this development confirms that Excel is still a leading tool in the industry. Contrary to the belief that Excel is an outdated tool from the ’90s or 2000s, it remains the foundation of 80% of businesses. The widespread use of Excel on private computers suggests that the platform isn’t going anywhere soon. Microsoft appears to be focused on adding modern data solutions to Excel rather than replacing it.

New Possibilities

Secondly, incorporating Python into Excel opens up a world of new possibilities. While Excel is already a powerful tool for data analysis, Python excels at more advanced functions. This integration will make many tasks simpler and more efficient. It’s not that you couldn’t do certain things in Excel before, but now, they will be easier to achieve with Python’s native capabilities.

Python in Excel – risks and concerns

Cell Chaos

The most significant risk I see is the potential for chaos in your worksheets. Imagine the confusion of having both Excel formulas and Python scripts mixed together in the same workbook. For those who are not Excel experts, this could exacerbate the difficulty in maintaining and understanding the workbooks.

Security Concerns

Another concern is the ease with which Python scripts can be run in Excel, as compared to VBA macros. This makes it easier for malicious code to be executed unintentionally. We need to remember that every technological advancement can also be used for malicious purposes.


So, there you have it—two significant benefits and two concerns that we need to prepare for. The best way to get ready for this change is to become proficient in Excel. And to assist you in that, I’m offering a Data Analysis in Microsoft Excel course (in Polish) at a discounted rate of 149 zł only until the end of August. Starting from September, the price will go up to 169 zł.

Now is the time to grasp this opportunity and equip yourself with the skills you’ll need for the future of Excel.

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