How to Manage Time – Meetings at Work

26 June 2023

How to Manage Time – Meetings at Work

Work meetings can be a torment. You look at the clock and think: “Why am I wasting my time here?” Meetings can be a crucial element of teamwork, but on the other hand, they can turn into a gigantic black hole that consumes our most valuable resource – time. But let’s note one thing: our calendar doesn’t have to be reserved only for meetings with others. So – how to manage time?

Start arranging meetings with yourself.

Meeting with yourself

You’re probably wondering what I mean by “meeting with yourself”. It’s simple – it’s about reserving a block of time just for yourself, to work on a specific project, task, or even for rest. The idea is to treat the time we’ve blocked for ourselves as seriously as obligations towards others.

Often, we are willing to devote our time to others, but we forget about ourselves. This, however, is a mistake. You always need to find time for yourself to do what is important to us. It’s not selfishness. It’s respect for oneself.

So, how to organize a meeting with yourself? Well, it’s simpler than you think. Choose any block of time during the day that you would like to allocate to a specific activity. It can be an hour at the beginning of the day to work on the most important project, 30 minutes at noon for meditation or reading, or two hours in the evening to learn a new language.

How to manage time through time blocking

Once you’ve decided what block of time you want to allocate for a given meeting, add it to your calendar. In this way, you ‘reserve’ that time for yourself, as if you were scheduling a meeting with others. Treat this time with respect, like any other meeting. Don’t allow other things to intrude into this time.

At the beginning, this can be difficult. Our mind tends to take the ‘easy route’ and may suggest to us that it’s ‘just’ time for ourselves, so it can be moved or ignored. But if we treat this time as seriously as obligations towards others, over time we will notice that our productivity and sense of fulfillment increase.


Work meetings are normal. However, this does not mean that the question of how to manage time is senseless. Remember: Respecting your time means respecting yourself. So, the next time you wonder how to manage your precious resource, remember these ‘meetings with yourself’. After all, if you don’t invest time in yourself, who else will? Take care of yourself, you deserve it.

That’s all on this topic. Analyze in peace!

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