Difficult interview questions or how to talk with the recruiter

2 July 2024


If you ever googled ‘Difficult interview questions’ or you would like to know how to talk with the recruiter, this article is for you.

Today I want to focus on recruitment, specifically the tough questions that might surprise you during a job interview. I had trouble with these questions myself, so I decided to share my experiences and tips on how to handle them.

The Toughest Interview Questions

1. What is your biggest weakness?

This question is a classic and a trap at the same time. It always surprises me that candidates are caught off guard by it, even though it’s one of the most frequently asked questions. People often react in two ways: they pretend they have no weaknesses, or they fall into excessive humility and start listing their shortcomings. Neither approach is good.

A good answer should show that we are aware of our weakness and have a way to deal with it. For example, my biggest weakness is being disorganized. But I manage it by keeping a to-do list on my desk. This way, I know what I need to accomplish during the day and can focus on the most important tasks.

2. How do you handle working under pressure?

This question also comes up very often. Answers like “I handle it well” or “I handle it poorly” are too vague and don’t tell the recruiter much. The point is to show that we are aware of how we act in stressful situations and how we deal with them.

The best approach is to present a process we use. I, for example, use the “delete, automate, delegate” principle. First, I check if all tasks are truly necessary, then I automate those that are repetitive, and finally, I delegate some tasks if possible. This way, I can focus on what is really important.

3. Why our company? Why this job?

This question is very important because it shows if we have done our research about the company and if we know what we want from our career. Candidates often fall into the trap of giving long and vague answers.

The key is to show that we have done our research and know what the company does and how it aligns with our career goals. Additionally, it’s important to be authentic. We can say that we are looking for a change, interested in technical positions, and have spent a lot of time preparing for this. The company is looking for someone with our skills, so we are applying.


To sum up, the three most important questions to prepare for are: what is your biggest weakness, how do you handle working under pressure, and why did you choose this company. I hope my tips will help you better prepare for your job interview. 

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