How to install SQL server on Windows

10 August 2021

How to install SQL server on Windows

If you’re a beginning data analyst you probably want to practice. Practice is good. You’d like to get your hands dirty with SQL but you ask yourself how to install SQL server on Windows? I mean, don’t you need like a cloud or something? But all I need to know is, for example, how to install MySQL on my laptop. Because I need to practice SQL to be good at data analytics.

And that’s easy man. And it’s not clickbait. And yes, you better do it, otherwise, you’re bound to practice on someone else’s system.

How to install MySQL on my laptop

Okay, the steps are really simple.

Step 1 ▶ Download MySQL

Firstly, you need to go to a proper website. Thankfully there is an official MySQL site (run by Oracle). Go there and download the MySQL Community Server. Community means it’s free but you won’t run a business on it. But that’s not the point. We just want to practice SQL. Don’t worry if your version is later. It’s being updated all the time

How to install SQL server on Windows - the download

Before you are able to download, Oracle will try to be a smart-ass ‍♂️ and ask for account details. If you have it – fine, but you can just skip this and go straight to downloading.

Oracle login

Step 2 ▶ Install the SQL Server

The installer is pretty simple, you just go as with any software – click “next” and “accept”. Where you may wonder is here, at this stage.

How to install MySQL on my laptop

The safest option is to go with Developer Default. You’ll get some stuff you probably ain’t gonna use but you won’t miss anything. Plus, you get the default GUI – MySQL Workbench. Although I’ll recommend you what use, so keep on reading. BTW, do you still think that knowledge on how to install SQL server on Windows is black magic? Told you, mate !

Ah, one more thing. You may be prompted to install additional things to for some of the above:

Try to do so. But in case of trouble, you can just skip it.

Possibly, another ambiguous moment will happen at this stage.

how to install sql server on windows choosing server type

What you want is to install a standalone server. It’s simply what you need, the other option is a bit more complex and you can absolutely disregard it if you are here to learn data analytics.

From there just follow the default settings. When asked config type, you want to choose “Development Computer”. Finally, you will need to create a password for your server. There’s no easy way to reset it, so choose carefully .

Install client software: dbeaver

Ok, bravo you got it! But know what? Where do I write my SQL? Well, you can do pretty much everything in the command line, so, black background white letters only stuff, but let’s leave that to database nerds. We’re here to start our SQL practice.

For that, you will need a client software – an application that will allow you to write SQL, where the results will be displayed, where you browse tables and do stuff to database structure with quick commands (like dropping a table, renaming a column, etc.)

My database client of choice is dbeaver. You can download it from here. If you already went through the first part of the article this would be a piece of cake. What you need in the end is to create a connection to the database.

Start with opening your SQL server by starting the command line and provide the password. So you want to find this guy:

Then create a new connection:

How to install MySQL on my laptop create connection

Find MySQL

How to install MySQL on my laptop connection dbeaver

And then just set up the connection. And you’re done

All that’s left to do is to configure it, but most would stay in the default settings. Here’s a snip from mine.

how to install sql server on windows configure connection in dbeaver


And that’s pretty much it on how to install SQL server on windows. There are really 2 key points here:

  • Install SQL server (in this example we picked MySQL)
  • Install client software (here we picked dbeaver)
  • Configure connection to localhost

I hope you don’t have to google how to install MySQL on my laptop ever again 🙂

Peace Data Friend!

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